Our History

Out of the desire to work together and form a company that would place honesty, integrity, and faith at the forefront of the business plan (and not the bottom line of the financial statement), ReCon was born. Roger Boyette, Bob Lyons, and Reggy Saxon incorporated a company named Recovery Concepts, Inc. (ReCon) in 1993. The focus was to develop and design new technologies for the disposal of hazardous waste streams.

After working weekends and holidays for two years, the partners decided to go a different direction. Recovery Concepts, Inc. became ReCon Management Services, Inc. in January 1995. The new focus was to place professional personnel to support the project needs of the local industries. With its first contract two days after starting ReCon Management the company was off and running. With the attitude that the employee is the key to the business and that the employee would be treated as a partner in the business, the company immediately started to grow.

In September of 1995, ReCon Engineering, Inc. was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of ReCon Management Services, Inc. Because of our success in being able to find highly qualified personnel, our existing clients asked us to expand our business. Therefore, ReCon Engineering was established to provide engineering and design services.



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